Surveys to be paid in full in advance.
Deposits will be required for rental equipment.
Invoices will be raised detailing the cost and deposit required for the agreed combination of equipment and drying devices. To be paid in full before delivery.
Any restoration works or survey enabling works will be quoted as a fixed price with terms and conditions and payment terms for said contract included in the quotation.
Money back guarantee only applies if you give us reasonable access, including to neighbours property, if applicable.

  1. Leak Detection:
  • We cannot guarantee the exact timeframe for finding leaks.
  • We’ll try to locate leaks as per your instructions, we cannot guarantee complete success but offer a money back guarantee.
  • Repairing exposed pipes may cause collateral damage, for which we’re not liable.
  • Any damages resulting from undetected leaks are not our responsibility.
  • Leaks outside the specified area in the client brief are not covered.
  • Invasive procedures are done only with clear client instructions. Sometimes we need to open a partition or ceiling to source a leak.
  • Temporary repairs to old or damaged pipes may fail, necessitating additional chargeable visits.
  • Clients are responsible for monitoring leaks after our initial visit.
  • We require clear access to the leak area.
  • Destructive access is done only upon instruction.
  • Limited access or refusal may hinder our work, with full fees still applicable.
  • In shared properties, access to adjacent units may be necessary for successful detection.
  1. Fees & Payment:
  • Additional visits may be necessary for multiple leaks.
  • Parking charges are the client’s responsibility.
  • Repairs are charged separately, with materials remaining our property until payment.
  • Payment is due within 7 days; late payments incur interest and debt recovery charges.
  1. Access, Repairs & Re-commissioning:
  • We’ll assist with system re-commissioning where possible and appropriate.
  • Leak detection fee covers non-invasive detection unless we are given instruction for invasive detection.
  1. Refusal of Repair/Re-commissioning:
  • In rare cases, we may refuse repair for safety reasons.
  • Certain materials can obstruct leak detection methods.
  • Use of liquid leak sealant may void boiler warranties.
  1. Damage, Liability & Complaints:
  • We’re not liable for damage during normal operations or undetected leaks.
  • Subsequent doubts over leak location may require re-attendance.
  • Reports and documentation remain our property; dissemination is at our discretion.