My home is flooded!! What do I do?

Any amount of water in the wrong place is disturbing.
You need help…


Fire Brigade – if the flooding is substantial – if your street is flooded or if there is a water mains break or overflowing waterway – you may want to take the Fire Brigade’s advice on the national flood forum HERE.

For less dramatic floods….

If you have some water coming from a ceiling or running down a wall…

Start by turning off your electric supply at the fuse board = flick the large RED switch labelled Main Switch.

This is to ensure that you don’t have wires shorting out in the general wetness – the last thing you want in a flood situation is to complicate things by starting a fire.

If you have easy access to the mains stopcock you can turn this off along with the gas at the meter.

Then you could investigate and try and find the source – It could be from your neigbour’s place or it could be an overflowing bath upstairs…? If you can find the source and stop the flow that’s the start to turning the situation around.

Before cleaning up you need to take photos of everything in the damaged area and talk to your insurance people.

If you are unable to carry out the above recommendations call us and if you are in the Central London area we can be with you to help in two hours if it is an emergency.

For less dramatic floods call: 0207 378 9342

0207 378 9342

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