We have equipment to cover most situations. However, we are not a hire company, we survey the scene and deliver a custom and monitored service and when the area is certifiably dry we remove any drying equipment and supply an evidenced certificate* for your insurer – the S500 The Certificate of Dryness.

The S500 The Certificate of Dryness

This certificate tells the insurers that your property is deemed to have been dried out completely so that they can authorise the further restoration of the property.
Without the issue of the required dryness qualification your insurer cannot be confident that hidden deep moisture, say in underlying concrete, may not rise to the surface and damage newly applied decorative finishes, wooden floors or carpets. Residual moisture can encourage mould growth which can be a significant health risk. Residual moisture can lead to aesthetic issues like staining, paint bubbling, warping, or rusting ruining any premature restoration work.

Utilizing advanced equipment such as thermal imaging, ultrasound, hygrometers and dew point calculators, we generate detailed reports/certificates that accurately document the moisture content of materials, providing empirical evidence of their dryness.

Don’t be too hasty, it can look and feel dry, but hold off with laying down a new wooden floor or carpet. While surface dryness may give that impression, it doesn’t guarantee the end of deep seated water movement.

Whilst water soaks into materials pretty quickly it takes time to wick to the surface where it can evaporate. It doesn’t mean you need to keep drying equipment forever and a day. Air movement is very important part

of the drying process. If security issues allow keeping windows wide open creating a through draught in fine weather can be a most potent method.

*The S500 certificate adheres to the ANSI/IICRC S500-2015 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration


Oil filled and thermostatically controlled with auto cut out. A powerfull 2500w to speed the drying time.

The perfect solution for superior air circulation in any space. Powerful and robust air mover- 3900m3 per hour

An ideal accompaniment to dehumidifiers – takes the moisture from the floor and coverings so that it can be removed by the dehumidifiers

Capable of pumping water using a drain hose provided. This means there is no need to continuously empty a water tank and the unit can be left to run for long period.

Electric Infrared Cabinet Heater 2200w

Called a ‘puddle sucker’ because it can remove floor sitting water down to 1mm. Standing water can be brushed to the pump to suck up.

When electric power is disabled this diesel powered engine can clear clean and black floodwater quickly. 32ms head and 115 litres a minute

With twin motors, floorbar and an 80 litre capacity this machine can dry floors quickly

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