Where is it coming from?

Discovering the source of water ingress takes experience, knowledge, and sometimes, technological help.

It helps if you fancy yourself as a bit of a detective too!

Leak Detection Survey

Money back guarantee! If we give up and don’t find the leak you get your money back.
Nine times out of ten we can find the source of damage on our first survey and this detection is included in our survey cost.
In more complicated situations we will bring to bear our technological tools to find the source – thermographic cameras, non invasive electromagnetic probes, acoustic detectors, damp meters, and hygrometers.
If we have to break partitions or ceilings to find the leak we will, with your permission, do so. We won’t ask you to find a builder, we are equipped with the tools and the know how.

Terms and Condtions

The Technology

Moisture Detectors

The primary tool for leak detection is the high level invasive and non invasive moisture meter.


Thermographic cameras will show comparisons between cold and warm areas of walls and ceilings so indicating the source of the leak. The damp part of walls usually shows up as ‘cold’ on screen, unless the leak is from a hot water source.

Thermal Image


This is the ideal equipment to pinpoint leaks in pressurised pipes. Particularly useful for finding leaks in underfloor heating pipes and pipes buried in partitions or ceilings.

SebaKMT Correlux P-2 Digital Correlator