If you find your basement is flooded it is likely from drains running under the house that have become blocked and backed up.
You must be very cautious of being around this ‘black’ water as bacteria and viruses can become airborne and infect residents. You should immediately call for help, do what you can to clear the property of people vacating the premises as soon as possible.
We will organise the safe clean up and unblock the drains as soon as possible. Our people are trained to work in these aggressive conditions and we will do everything in our power to act as quickly as possible.
There is no fixed price for the recovery from a flooded basement.
You will be given a quotation to suit your situation. To give you an idea, worst case scenario, If you call us out at 2am and need the drains unblocked and the basement pumped out the cost will be around £1500 for 2 hours attendance. If it takes 4 hours the cost will be around £2000. The amount of time taken will depend on how difficult it is to clear your drains under the property, how much ‘black water’ we have to remove and how much cleaning and sterilising we need to carry out to make safe.
Remember this is a worse case scenario and calling us out during normal working hour is a lot cheaper.


At the first evidence of flooding from above quick action is sometimes required to save the day.
Firstly, don’t switch on any ceiling lights. The water could have already compromised the electrical wiring that is running across your ceiling – you don’t want fire to complicate your flood. Consider that the same could be happening to the sockets’ electrical ring if water is coming down the walls. Turn off both cicuits at your fuseboard. The fuses should be clearly labelled.
Call for our help at any point but first best to go upstairs and make sure any baths, showers or toilets are not overflowing. If upstairs is a neighbour you need to knock on their door and get them to check their bathrooms and kitchen.
Move valuables, any rugs or pieces of furniture, find the largest buckets you have and place them under any drips.
Be careful if you see the ceiling bowing – it could collapse under the weight of water.
When we arrive we will do our best to find the source of the water and stop it flowing to your ceiling. If your ceiling is bowing under the pressure we will make a puncture and drain the water into large buckets we supply. This will hopefully stop the ceiling from collapsing.
If you know the location of any stopcocks this can be very helpful for when we arrive. If you are renting call the landlord and ask where to find them. Sometimes, but rarely, the water can’t be stopped – for instance if the roof is damaged in a storm and the storm is not abating. In this instance we will immediately help to protect what we can on our arrival only leaving when you feel things are under control.
Before leaving we will agree a plan with you about how to best proceed, recording the event for insurance purposes, minimising damage, cleaning up and drying out, eventually returning your property to how it was before the water damage. Then we will carry out an immediate clean up as best we can.



We can take you all the way from a flooding disaster to a fully recovered and refurbished property.
We have extensive experience in major refurbishments of domestic properties and fitting out commercial properties.
We are particularly good at seamless repairs of partitions and ceilings with fine decorating skills enabling us to recover your comfort and refurbish your home to a great standard.
If your property damage is mild we are pretty good at replacing ceilings and partitions including seamless repair decorating too.



We have experienced in-house plumbers that can help find a leak and repair any faulty plumbing.
They are trained in the use of our thermographic cameras and audio sensors.
The audio sensors are ideal for finding the exact location of punctured pipes – particularly in underfloor heating. The audio sensors can detect the hissing sound of pressurised water escaping or the drip drip sound of small leaks and direct the plumber to the exact location minimising damage in discovery.



If you have a sewage leak from the drains under your house it is best to prepare to leave until we can do a full bio clean.
There are many diseases that can spread via airborne viruses that can be found in sewage.
We will come fully masked, suited and booted to pump and remove sewage, carry out drain investigations unblocking any local blockages and follow up with a sterilising clean up.
We understand the trauma of these kinds of events and will be as quick and thorough as we can always keeping you informed of progress.


Clean up starts with removing all excess water – using Sump Pumps, Water Vacuums, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers and Heaters.
Damaged ceilings and partitions may need to be disassembled to allow rapid drying. Floors may be needed to be taken up, electric cabling and switching replaced. The extent of the works will depend on the extent the water has travelled within the building. The earlier and quicker the action to stem the flow and remove the water the easier and more superficial the clean up.
Quick decisions need to be made followed by efficient and decisive action to start the process of getting your property back to normal.
But before the action comes the recording. Your insurance company or landlord will need to see a video of the flooding/ water damage so that they can determine that the correct course of action has been taken to minimise costs and speed the process.
We will, of course, keep a video and photographic log of the damage and the clean up and restoration project but it can only be a good option to have your own records.
The good news is that our people have the full gamut of construction experience and so can provide a seamless service from initial survey to clean and dry up to any re-build or refurbishment.
We have experience of £500,000 domestic direct contracts and have project managed up to the value of £5m commercial projects.